Florida Premiere

DIRECTED BY Mars Horodyski

Country: Canada
Language: English

Running Time: 70min
Production Year: 2014
Category: Cinema 360º, Jordan Alexander Ressler Screenwriter Award

Ben (Dan Abramovici) is a newly single 30 year old man in search of a different kind of life. His breakup has taken a big toll on Ben as he decides to never leave his house again. In order to achieve his goal, Ben switches jobs and starts working at home from the internet. He gets his groceries delivered to his door and even starts cyber-dating women and inviting them to his apartment. One day, a friend comes over to visit Ben, as he tries to convince him to drop his hermit status, Ben’s groceries are delivered by a girl that will challenge his views on love and new lifestyle.

Mars Horodyski’s first feature is a micro-budget interpretation of the hardships of lost love and breakups. Ben’s life shifts from average guy into cyberspace dependent, letting the viewer realize how far we can be governed by computers and how little human contact is needed to get by in today’s world.- Andres Castillo


Saturday March 14th @ 6:30pm REGAL 18


Director: Mars Horodyski
Producer: Mars Horodyski, Dan Abramovici, Anneli Ekborn
Screenwriter: Dan Abramovici, Mars Horodyski

Cinematographer: Walter Pacifico
Editor: Mike Reisacher

Cast: Dan Abramovici, David Reale, Inessa Frantowski, Craig Brown, Jim Annan, Jessica Embro, Rob Baker

Mars Horodyski

Mars Horodyski is is an alumnus of the Canadian Film Centre’s Director’s Lab and the Berlinale Talent Campus. Ben’s at Home (2014) is her first feature film.